Shake and Bake

That’s Shake and Bake Ricky Bobby style.

I went to a birthday party at Ellen’s Amusement Park for this little 5 year old chica I know, Kyndall. I had a blast, but probably most fun racing go-karts….er, I mean race cars with daddy. He kept saying “Shake and bake, baby” and “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” Thank you Ricky Bobby – you have had such an impact on my daddy.

Shake and Bake

I also had fun playing one of the video games there. I had t smash all the spiders as they lit up. I never played that game before so it was great playing it over and over. I won so many tickets I was able to get a prize – a spider. Is that irony, coincidence, or poetic? Don’t ask me, I’m only 4.

The itsy bitsy spider...SPLAT!

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