Easy Rider

Friday was a busy day. After a long day at school, I went for a swim and then decided to work on my bike riding skills. Daddy took me to a parking lot and made me do drills. He said if I missed a cone, I had to do it another 10 times until I did it right….only kidding. He only wanted to give me something different to do and help me work on my bike riding skills. I did crash one time and scrape my knee so I’m not quite an easy rider yet. But it’s not about how many times you fall or crash – it’s how many times you get back on the bike.

Dad’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there – especially my dad. Mommy and I spent the whole day making daddy feel special. We started things off right by making daddy some breakfast. I was totally putting things in the bowl as mommy told me when we were making waffles. I even added my own special ingredient that only mommy and daddy know and they said they were the best waffles ever because of my special ingredient.

We also went to a movie and went swimming – I wanted to make sure daddy had plenty to do because I notice whenever daddy doesn’t have anything  to do and it’s real quiet he tries to fall asleep on the couch. I’m sure this is because he’s bored so I go out of my way to make lots of noise and have him doing something all the time.  During all this time together, daddy mentioned that one of the best feelings in the world is when I reach for his hand when we cross the street or walk in a busy parking lot. He says that’s the feeling that makes him feel like a dad because he knows I’m depending on him to protect me and to give me the guidance to get wherever we’re going. Hmmm, that sounds sweet and all, but we’re like walking 15 feet to the main entrance of Kroger so slow down Ward Cleaver.

Anyway, Happy Father’s Day!

A little pinch of this and a little pinch of that


Part of the shirt I made for daddy - wonder if this will be as cute when I have a size 13 foot

Another May update (in June)

One thing that was a major event for little pretty girl I know was that she and her mommy were in a car accident. They were rear-ended and banged up pretty good. She’s okay now, but the hospital had her on a ventilator for a while. Mommy and daddy kept saying they would be so freaked out if that happened to me as Kyndall’s mommy was. At first, they only thought she had broken her leg and right orbital bone, but they found out about a week later that she had broken her arm too.

Here’s a pic of poor little Kyndall.


So I wasn’t a very good blogger during the month of May and June has started off rocky, but I wanted to write a quick HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents. They have been married 9 years as of 6/15 and together for 14 years. They each talk about the support that each of them has provided the other as one of the many secrets they have for staying together so long, but they are both quick to point out that they can still make each other laugh at will – even when no one else finds what they say funny. I mean there are times when they will say something to each other that I have no clue why they are rolling around laughing.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad they’ve found their secret to a life of love and laughs….and ME…… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY mommy and daddy!

Some of you may remember this night…..

Some of you may not….

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