Day 4

Parksway Captain’s log….day 4….1300 hours….food supply is diminishing….must stay strong since I am the smallest and the other ones may see me as easy prey if we run out of food and need to start eating each other…..maybe I could sweet talk mommy into turning on daddy first….

So everyone here is going a little stir crazy. The past few days have been tough because we couldn’t get out to play because of the ice, but today there is snow and I’m looking forward to getting out for a little while. I think it will be good for us all….keep you posted.

Day 4....what more???

Ice, ice baby…too cold

So one week I’m building a snowman. The next couple I’m playing outside in slightly cool, but beautiful weather. This week the metroplex is shut down because of ice. Now the upside is I will miss 4 days of school, I don’t have to go to sleep early, I can wear my pj’s all day, and spend the whole day playing with mommy and daddy. So with all this how could there be any downside??? Well, the downside is we’ve been stuck inside all week because it’s icy everywhere and f-f-f-freezing – no swings, no playing outside, no bike riding. Oh well, things could always be worse than spending time with the two people I love the most.

Anyway, here are some pics over the past few weeks to illustrate some of the differences

On a beautiful day trying to get daddy to show the love

....98....99....100....getting my pump on

Face off over who gets the waffle at the Waffle House

A little chilly, but no ice yet...

And this is what it has looked like for the last 3 days

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