Picture this!

So you guys always see all these pictures of me on my blog. I’m usually pretty laid back when it comes to photos, although at times I can get to the point where enough is enough and I go a bit crazy – not Sean Penn attacking a photographer crazy, but pretty grouchy. Formal picture taking is a whole different story. I am not such a big fan as you will see…

When I was 1 – I cried.

When I was 2 – I not only cried with Santa, but was trying to grab onto anything that would get me out of there – in the middle of the busy mall.

When I was 3 – I didn’t cry, but I sure wasn’t happy and I sure wasn’t going to cooperate and smile.

“I don’t scratch my head unless it itches and I don’t dance unless I hear some music – I will not be intimidated.” Denzel Washington – Remember the Titans

Ok - I'll take the hat off, BUT I AIN'T SMILING

So now I’m 4 and picture day was the other day at school. You’d think they would learn (insanity = doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result). Well the result was a little different – I didn’t cry. As a matter of fact, I didn’t do anything – that includes take the picture.

I’m starting to come into my own and realize that I have choices. I may not always know the consequences of my choices, but I think I pretty much have it figured out – I can flat out refuse to do something and in all reality, there isn’t anything anyone can do that I won’t get over. Put me in time out – I may not like it – I may cry a little bit, but sooner or later I will forget about it and so will you and we’ll be all about playing again. My folks have chosen not to beat me and the school sure can’t lay a hand on me, so I don’t risk physical harm by making a stand and not doing something. I feel as if I have discovered my super hero power or something. Should I use this power for good or for evil (said in my best Dr. Evil voice).


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  1. Now this makes me laugh. I was just talking about Parker over lunch about 30 minutes ago and brought up pictures. How funny I read this after. Parker knows he can get away with anything because he is so cute! Give him big hugs for me.

    • Yeah, he is. He wasn’t having any of the picture thing that day. We’ll give him a big hug for you. Keep checking back because there is always something new and since you know how he is, you can fully appreciate all of it that much more.

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