Peppy Parker picked a perfect pumpkin

Since mom had to work the other night, I told her I would keep daddy out of the house so she could get some rest.  I decided to take daddy to the Owens Big Orange Pumpkin Farm. I figured we could feed some goats, go on a hayride, pick some pumpkins, and overall enjoy the day together. I was right – it was a good day. We got to see horses, donkeys, chickens, and even got to feed some little billy goats – they sure were hungry. They were pushing each other out of the way to get them some oats.

Daddy and I also got to ride on a hayride which I’ve never done before, but I have to admit was kind of cool. Daddy said that if I sweet talked papa Dupree, he may make fix his tractor so that it was a hayride – I might have to be real nice to him. We also rode on a train made of barrels. Dad said he wasn’t quite sure how he got his rear end into the barrel and really wasn’t sure how he got it out of the barrel. Funny how there are no pics of that, huh.


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