Where my Leos at?

Today is your favorite 4-year old’s birthday – ME!I thought it may have just been me, but daddy and mommy confirmed that my legs are longer today than they were yesterday. I am such a big boy now that I am 4 YEARS OLD!!!

Turning 4 is kind of bittersweet because I made a lot of commitments to mommy and daddy that I had to start doing when I turned 4 like talk to people who say hi to me even in the morning, not give people strange looks when they are just trying to be nice to me, etc. I wonder if there is a loophole since I was just 3 when I committed to that stuff. Keep you posted.

Other fellow Leos born today include: Alex Haley, Arlene Dahl, Morley Safer, Steve Wozniak, Jerry Falwell, Tara Reid, James Holzier, and Hulk Hogan….do you hear me brother (said while ripping my shirt in two).

Horoscope for us Leo’s today: This is an exciting, wonderfully liberating time for you (Uh, yeah. I just turned 4)! You feel exuberant, creative, adventurous, and genuinely excited and enthusiastic about what you are doing (Uh, yeah. I wouldn’t do it otherwise). Fresh ideas and opportunities abound. This is the time to break out of a rut and get involved with lively, creative people and activities.

And here are my Power Numbers today: 49, 3, 26, 11, 2, 10. If anyone hits on these numbers, I get 10% for inspiring you.

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  1. Happy Birthday Parker!! We love you!

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