Girl’s Night/Guy’s Night

Mommy had her BFF’s bachelorette party Saturday night and I wasn’t invited because mommy said it was where a bunch of girls got together to read Bible verses and sing hymns all night and that I wouldn’t have  that much fun. So daddy and I had a guy’s night. First we started off at Chuck E. Cheese – video games, pizza, prizes – so choice. Then we came home and watched UFC 148, drank a few cold ones (root beer), rough-housed, live tweeted, and stayed up late acting like guys. It wasn’t very intellectually challenging, but we’re dudes – we grunt and scratch – the bar is kind of low. And in the morning we’re going to top it off with some Waffle House – scattered, smothered, covered please.

Birthday part deaux

So my actual birthday fell in the middle of the week (Wednesday) and I figured it would just be kind of a normal day, but mommy and daddy had other plans. It turns out we all played hooky together. Daddy didn’t go to work, mommy didn’t go to work, and I didn’t go to school. So that kind of makes the day great already, but they asked me what I wanted to do so I said we should go kick it at Chuck-E-Cheese. We had so much fun playing all kinds of games that gave me tickets – I used those tickets to get some cool toys and I’m sure those toys were worth every cent my folks spent on getting the tickets to get them with.  The video below shows me having some fun on a cool game/ride – it made my tummy tickle.

Oh, I almost forgot. Because I turned 4 years old, it was time to leave all my sippy cups out for the sippy cup fairy to come get them and give them to other little boys and girls that need them. So I left all of them outside and sure enough, the fairy came and picked them up and left me all kinds of little Toy Story toys and also left a trail of fairy dust. I’m a believer, are you?

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