Long time….

Alright, so I have been out of it for a little while. I had an ear infection hit me Friday and was pretty much wiped out all weekend. I am feeling better now (if you don’t believe me, just ask my daddy). Anyway, daddy picked me up this afternoon from school. We went to the store after he picked me up because he said we needed a few things. We must have got the right stuff b/c daddy said that was the best trip to the store ever. It may have been b/c I was such a good boy or b/c I helped him check out. I ran a couple of items that I could hold onto across the scanner when we were doing the self checkout. And then, daddy switched me to the bagger role for some of the bigger items. He would scan and hand the stuff to me and I would put them into the bags he told me to put them in. He said I was a big boy now and could handle a little work. I didn’t mind. It was pretty cool actually. I mean, I’m actually tall enough to put things in the bags.

And one other thing…..just because the box says lasagna or cheddar melt it’s still Hamburger Helper! You’re not fooling anyone, daddy. And for the record, your spaghetti might as well be hamburger helper – it’s meat, sauce, and noodles. I still love it though.


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