Spike’s recovery

Well, I am happy to report that Spike went to the doctor and is all better now. It’s amazing how one morning he could be floating on his back and later that afternoon after going to the doctor, he is swimming with the fishes again (this time, that’s a good thing). Just thought you would want to hear the good news. Holler at you later.


Last week, my daddy picked me up from school and took me to the pet store to look around. We like to do that because we get to see cats, birds, snakes, fish, guinea pigs, and sometimes dogs when their owners bring them into the store. It’s like a mini zoo AND it’s free. Anyway, I’m sitting there in the basket looking at the green and blue birds and calling out their color and then in Spanish….showing off a litttle for this little girly standing near….then all of a sudden my daddy asks me if I want some fish. I was like, “yeah, I want some fish… yeah, I want some fish….fish…” At this point, I kind of blew my whole cool roll with the little girly, but who cares b/c I was getting fish. Anyway, I got a black one named Spike and an orange and white one named Spot. They are pretty cool, but Spike seems to be a little under the weather lately. My mommy and daddy says that when fish get sick they rest by floating on their back. I know what you’re thinking, they are silly, right? But you know what? I’m not a fish, so maybe it does make them feel better. Spike did seem to feel better at times b/c we would swim for little bit and then stop and float on his back. Anyway, I hope Spike feels better soon b/c I want to play with them….however I would play with fish anyway. P-Out!

At the movies

Today is Good Friday and my mommy and daddy said I could play hookie from school so we could go to the movies. Thought it was kind of cool to go to a big time movie. Mommy and daddy took me to see Monsters vs Aliens. They bought me popcorn, coke, pickles, and hot dogs. I was living it up. I got a little restless early in the movie, but I did finally sit with daddy and then hopped over to mommy to watch the movie. For those of you that don’t know about the movie, the earth is attacked by a mean alien and the only hope for survival lies with the 5 “monsters” that have been locked up by the government. My favorite monster was B.O.B and Reese Witherspoon gives a very convining performance. I don’t want to give away the ending, but let me just say I didn’t see it coming. Overall, I give it 2 thumbs up! I’ll see you at the movies.
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