November baggy art

I’m on school vacation for a week (woohoo!) so all the baggies for the month have been done. Here’s a look at how they turned out.

Sept/Oct in….er….on the bag

Yep, my folks are still at it – drawing on my lunch bags each day. Wonder how long they will keep it up? I hope until I get out of high school 🙂


Another year of bring my lunch to school means another year of baggie artwork from my folks. They just don’t know what they started because now I along with several of the kids at my lunch table can’t wait to see what the art d’jour will be so there is NO WAY they can stop now. I bet in hindsight they wish they would have just written a simple sweet little note or a joke on a piece of paper instead of trying to re-create a different scene on a plastic bag each day.

My first day as a 2nd grader (kinda)

So while I’m not actually in school, I’m no longer a 1st grade which means by default I’m now a second grader. I just wanted to say that I had the best teacher in 1st grade – Ms. Phelps. She was awesome! She was so sweet and kind to me – that’s all that really matters. She was also very encouraging and comforting to me – perfect style for my personality. I asked my folks if I could stay in 1st grade forever because I am going to miss having her as my teacher 😦 Hopefully, she will prep my next teacher on how to handle me with care 🙂 If she doesn’t, I know Mrs. Holderman (Principal) will take care of me and give me the hook up.

I learned a lot of academics over the year that will serve as a great base for me in future classes, but I also learned that I am stronger than I thought I was and that I can overcome. When I fully understand what this really means, everyone better hang on or get out of the way because I will not stop.

Oh, before I end this I thought I would include some more baggy art from the school year.

Check back for summer updates.

Ziploc® Chic

So I’ve  been taking my lunch to school just about every day for nearly two school years and not one sweet note from my folks to let me know they love me and/or thinking about me and/or they care!! Then, one day a couple of weeks ago, I was really not wanting any part of going to school – I mean I figured if I didn’t go to school again, I would always have my folks to live with and that’s fine with me. But as soon as I proposed that, they went on about me growing up and not wanting them to be around and me getting married – which again I said we would live with them. Then, they started on about baby birds being thrown out of the nest and it was up to them to fly or crash to the ground – not sure where they were going with that, but I do know a little thing called adverse possession (squatter’s rights) exists.

Anyway, I opened my lunch that day and I saw more than a note! It was a silly drawing on my sandwich bag. It totally surprised me and totally made me smile. Not sure if this was suppose to be a one time deal, but it appears as long as I keep telling them how much I like it and ask what’s next the baggies keep showing up with a different surprise every day.


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