My first day as a 2nd grader (kinda)

So while I’m not actually in school, I’m no longer a 1st grade which means by default I’m now a second grader. I just wanted to say that I had the best teacher in 1st grade – Ms. Phelps. She was awesome! She was so sweet and kind to me – that’s all that really matters. She was also very encouraging and comforting to me – perfect style for my personality. I asked my folks if I could stay in 1st grade forever because I am going to miss having her as my teacher 😦 Hopefully, she will prep my next teacher on how to handle me with care 🙂 If she doesn’t, I know Mrs. Holderman (Principal) will take care of me and give me the hook up.

I learned a lot of academics over the year that will serve as a great base for me in future classes, but I also learned that I am stronger than I thought I was and that I can overcome. When I fully understand what this really means, everyone better hang on or get out of the way because I will not stop.

Oh, before I end this I thought I would include some more baggy art from the school year.

Check back for summer updates.

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