November baggy art

I’m on school vacation for a week (woohoo!) so all the baggies for the month have been done. Here’s a look at how they turned out.

So how long does dad have to go to my raves with me?

I mean seriously – a couple of Friday’s ago, we had a superhero-themed costume dance at school. In an attempt to throw him off, I kept telling him I didn’t want to go. See, I figured if I waited until the last minute to tell him I wanted to go (which I did), he wouldn’t be able to get a costume in time and then I could just get a ride from him and get my rave on without him. My plan hit a snag when I realized I didn’t have a costume either – doh! So we had to rush to the store to find something that would work.

Costumes in hand, I realized there was no getting out of dad coming to the dance and oh my were my concerns reinforced. It all started when my dad and I were walking and he starts schooling me on the importance of strutting and I was like “but we’re in the parking lot” which had zero impact. And it just got worse once we walked in the door – dad proceeded to impart his “wisdom” on the art of working the room…..walk counter clock-wise….point, nod, wink….make stops at 9 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock – uuuhhh okay, but they make digital clocks for a reason.

THEN, he wanted to show me how to own the dance floor and he almost got away from me to do it, but I shot him the look for him to stop dancing and it worked – of course, I had to shoot the look every song. And all he had to offer back each time was “all the other parents are doing it.”

Anyway, we got through it relatively unscathed. I might even take him with me next year.

Batman & Green Lantern

Batman & Green Lantern

I’m the Batman in the middle of the screen.


I’ve always loved dressing up for Halloween and all the candy you get from trick-or-treating, but this year I found out something new I kinda like – and I say that in a shameful sort of way – being the big kid that “scares” the little kids.

This year I dressed up as Godzilla and I scared three kids when I walked by them. One was dressed as Batman – huh, he should have his batwings stripped from his 2-year old self. And that 3-year old “Jedi” has Yoda saying, “chicken you are.”

Anyway, that was the only day I’ve had where I’ve been intimidating so while I’m not going to make it a habit, I will relish it just a tad bit. bwaahhhaahaah

IMG_3835 IMG_3843 IMG_3852


Sept/Oct in….er….on the bag

Yep, my folks are still at it – drawing on my lunch bags each day. Wonder how long they will keep it up? I hope until I get out of high school 🙂

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