The Man-Date

Not a mandate as in order, but as in a bro date with my homie Andrew. We got together and hung out the other weekend. We played at my house, went to Jump Street (not 21 or 22), hit the driving range, and then topped it off by eating at Campisi’s (my fav). The day was perfect for us, but my Grannie and dad were exhausted – it must be no fun getting old like them. I mean they were ready to rest when Andrew had to leave and me, I was just bored. Oh well, I guess we’ll need to do it all over again.

5 Things

One of our first assignments at school was to put 5 items that help identify us as being who we are in a brown lunch bag. My first thought was that I could not possibly be defined by only 5 items that would fit in a lunch bag – I am soooo much more than that, but I played by the rules and complied.

Item 1: Iron Golem action figure from Minecraft – this is my obsession right now. I’m all about Minecraft. My folks thought they would get a few more years out of me before I became fixated on video games, but they need to realize the times they are a changin’ and us kids are growing up faster (and have more expensive taste).

Item 2: Paintbrush because I love to paint and want to be an artist when I get older. I know I need to learn the various techniques out there and find my own personal style, but for now it is a way I can be creative and not feel inhibited.

Item 3: Golf ball because right now this is my favorite sport and one I am pretty good at for just starting out. It’s also great quality time for me and my dad.

Item 4: Picture of me and Phoebe who was the best and sweetest cat ever. She’s in heaven now, but I dream about her from time to time so I know she is trying to say hello to me.

Item 5: Picture of my favorite meal – Campisi’s pizza with double Candian Bacon. To me, there is nothing better.

While I would need a bigger bag to give the full picture of who I am, these should help give a little insight.

Never Forget


A nice true story about the Survivor Tree…..“You can see in my trunk where I go light from dark, where my limbs were reborn, where I grew brand-new bark. My blossoms remind us how strong we all are. I’m a living reminder how we rose from the dark. With the power of hope, there’s just one way to sum it: There’s nothing so bad that we can’t overcome it.” ‪#‎SurvivorTree‬


Another year of bring my lunch to school means another year of baggie artwork from my folks. They just don’t know what they started because now I along with several of the kids at my lunch table can’t wait to see what the art d’jour will be so there is NO WAY they can stop now. I bet in hindsight they wish they would have just written a simple sweet little note or a joke on a piece of paper instead of trying to re-create a different scene on a plastic bag each day.

1 Down 30 Something To Go

So the first week of school is over. So far being a 2nd grader is so much tougher than being a 1st grader – it’s like double as hard. We have homework due every week opposed to once a month, spelling tests every week, and the math problems are way bigger – good thing I’ve been working on my multiplication tables and simple division.

So the awesome high points to 2nd grade are:

(1) My teacher – she’s so nice and sweet to me. I’m sure she’s sweet to the other kids, but does it really matter as long as she’s nice to me???

(2) My hommie Andrew is in my class again so we get to kick it all year again. I saw him a lot over the summer, but I like to hang with him during lunches, after school, and when we have to partner up for stuff in school.

(3) We have lockers this year. I’m not quite sure why they call them lockers though because they don’t lock – we don’t have to memorize a combination like they do in high school so I guess we’re lucky.

(4) The first week was only 3 days long for me – I was sick on Thursday and Friday because all the other kids thought it was bring-your-germs-to-school week. That part wasn’t fun, but staying home for two days was. Wonder what I can figure out to do next week.

photo 11


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