1 down, a lot more to go

Well, the first week of school is done and it wasn’t all that bad. My homie, Andrew, is in my class and at my table so that is great. There are also a few more kids from my old class that are in there this year so I have a little comfort in that, but what’s best so far is my teacher – she is so nice. 

The first week was pretty much focusing on getting everyone back in the swing of things as far as routine – that also goes for the parents. The first day of school, my folks were so excited and ready to walk me to class and take all kinds of pictures, but when we got there all the kids were already in their seat and no parents were in the class so I quickly walked to my seat and tried not to acknowledge my parents. I mean, I didn’t want to be the kid who brought his parents to school. I was fine with the abrupt goodbye, but my parents looked like I kicked their puppy or something. They left the class with their heads down and bottom lip sticking out and dragged their feet all the way down the hall. Now, three days in, my folks were dragging by day three and so looking forward to the long weekend. 

One funny thing about my classmates is there is another Parker in the class. This could lead to some confusion, but so far the teachers are managing – my gym teacher, for instance, calls the other one “Parker 1” and me “Parker 2”. I’m not sure I like that naming order so I’m going to have to do my best to make sure I’m seen as “Parker 1” instead of 2. 

Anyway, I’m sure 1st grade is going to be great so stay tuned to see what comes along. 


Looking good for school…


My classroom


Flag raising ceromony



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