Galveston Day 6 – Time For A Break

The plan was to spend all day at the beach bumming around like we have been for the whole vacation, but daddy had other plans. He wanted to try and recapture his youth or show off for the youngsters, but here again there were different plans. Daddy did a good job laying out the board and jumping on the board, but he should have worked on the dismount because I’m sure breaking his leg was not the right way. Yep, daddy broke his leg (technically fractured) and spent about 6 hours in the ER. That kind of put a damper on the day, but at least it was toward the end of our vacation so we got in a lot of play time. It will be an interesting ride home because daddy is still in some pain, but mommy and I are taking care of him and making sure he is comfortable. I even told him I would get him anything he needed while his leg was broken – when he heals up it may be a different story.

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