Pump up the Jam!

The other day we went to the MONSTER JAM (said in my best over-the-top announcer voice) and it was UN….wait for it….BELIEVABLE!! Thundering engines and destruction – just good ‘ol fun. The cool part was that we got there early enough (perhaps way too early – bygones) to go down on the track before the races and see all of the trucks. All of our favorites were there – Grave Digger (my fav), Son-Uva Digger, Monster Mutt Dalmation (mommy’s fav because it looks like a puppy), El Toro Loco (daddy’s fav), Superman, Iron Man, Mohawk Warrior (a lot of kids had their hair in mohawks because of this one), etc.

Now there is more to a Monster Jam than just big trucks rolling over a bunch of cars and doing crazy looking stuff – they actually race. No each of us had our favorite car for the races. Mommy’s Monster Mutt was out of the competition pretty quickly while daddy’s truck and my truck kept advancing. Before we knew it, both of our trucks were in the finals racing against each other. After some smack talk between me and my dad – you’re going down clown….you’re truck is so slow it takes 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes (this one is kind of funny to me since I’m learning how to tell time now) – it was time for our trucks to race. The race was literally a photo finish and the winner was…..GRAVE DIGGER!!!! It couldn’t have been more perfect.

After the races, all the trucks did tricks and jumps and all that cool stuff. Daddy’s truck actually lost a wheel and kept going on 3 wheels – too cool. You can see on the video below. We also saw several of the trucks catch fire which was pretty exciting – being in the stands and not the truck that is.

One of the other cool things about the day was that we got to sign our names to one of the old cars that race between truck rounds. Our car didn’t make it once around the track, but it was cool to write on it at least. Overall, it was great day – kinda loud so you want to bring some ear plugs, but awesome!

Grave Digger vs. El Toro Loco

El Toro Loco on 3 wheels

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