“I Wish Heaven Had a Telephone”

I’ve been fortunate to have not lost anyone yet, but some of my friends have. One little boy in my class says his daddy is in Heaven. While I know Heaven is suppose to be a good place, I sure am glad mommy and daddy are still here, not to mention my grannie, nanny, papa(s), and the rest of my family – sure am a lucky kid. Anyway, one of my daddy’s friends wrote and performed this song. The back story is from a post he saw on Facebook from one of his friends. You can read his own words…

A friend of mine that I had not spoken to in years posted this one day and it stuck with me. I had no idea how or when her dad passed away, I just knew the wish was something that many of us experience – a wish for one more conversation with someone we love who is no longer here.

The death of a loved one is probably a time that makes us most willing and open to reach out to God.  For some people, this is one of the few times they will “give God a chance.”

The concept of this song is that we will never understand why some things happen on Earth – children dying, loved ones taken way too soon, cancer claiming a young mother or father, leaving behind young children.  In those moments, we reach out to God. We want to know why, we want some answer to appear to us because if we can make sense of a tragedy, it might be easier to accept.

This song takes you through a few conversations between those here on Earth and those in Heaven.  The first two verses are true stories of actual events. The bridge represents the question you ask yourself when you look into the sky, see the stars and wonder if they can hear you or if they know how much you miss them.  The last verse is the response.  From Heaven, they too wish Heaven had a telephone.  They would talk to us and tell us how it turns out.….  “I was there when Valley was born, we all were, and we were cheering along with you” or “Yes, I did die in the car wreck, but 11 people who were far from God prayed for the very first time.  Trust me, it was worth it.”

When you hear this song, and you think of that someone, remember, God is good, always.

Like I said, I sure am a luck kid to not know this reality yet, but I can sure empathize with the emotion. Give the song a chance and download it on iTunes or the group’s site Jeremy Powers & The Empty Chairs.


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