I’m trippin’….

….field tripping that is. Yesterday was my first ever field trip. We went to the Chestnut Square Historic Village’s pumpkin patch. I was so excited about this trip that was was counting down for like 2 weeks. And when the day came, I was ready to go. I didn’t give my mommy a hard time getting ready for school. As a matter of fact, I was rushing her to get going. My folks were a little nervous about my first field trip and all. Daddy kept telling me that if they left me in the van, I was suppose to scream at the top of my lungs and bang on all the windows. I asked him why I wouldn’t just open the door.

Anyway, we got to do all kinds of cool things at Chestnut Square – scavenger hunts, petting zoos, face-painting, lunch, etc. I tried to feed the goats, but they were too full so I was standing there with food in my hand. Not so bad since the alternative was goat spit. All in all it was a great day and a great first field trip.

This was a scary bat painted on my face

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