Circus, circus

I wasn’t sure what a circus was before mommy and daddy explained it to me. There were two very different descriptions. Mommy said it was a place where I could see animals and clowns do tricks. Daddy said it was a place where clowns tormented people and animals were forced to do things they aren’t naturally designed to do. I wasn’t sure where daddy was coming from, but he did put aside his fear of clowns and backed off his PETA movement long enough for us to enjoy the circus as a family.

We went to the Circus Dallas version, not the Ringling Bros, but I was sitting in the 3rd row so it was still cool. Before the show, they let you ride elephants, horses, and even have a snake draped over you. I told daddy that I would ride the elephant with him so he bought some tickets. When push came to shove, I backed down. He wasn’t upset with me, but he was confused. I tried to tell him that I would ride the elephant with him only. I made no guarantees that I would ride with a bunch of strangers too.  So I backed out of that and we sat down and watched the show.

I think the tigers were the coolest part of the circus, but the elephant was pretty cool, too. I was so shocked to see the elephant do some of the things it did. I thought that was only in the movies. Anyway, check out some of the pics and vids below.

Cotton candy - yum!

I pledge allegiance....

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