Weekend at Pawpaw Dupree’s

This past weekend, my mommy and I went to my pawpaw Dupree’s house at Lake Tawakoni. Mommy’s friend, Kathy, came along and brought her two kids, Garrett and Kinsey. We had a blast. Garrett and I ran all over the place. We fished – we didn’t catch anything, but it was still cool being out there. We also got to ride pawpaw’s tractor. I have had opportunities to ride on tractors before but never did. I’m not sure if it was pawpaw or Garrett that made this time different. I have a feeling that with Garrett being a little older than me, that I didn’t want to look like a milksop in front of him – that may be why you don’t see mama lion anywhere in the video below. Anyway, like I said, we had a blast. Garrett is pretty cool and Kinsey isn’t too bad either, but she’s a little sister and we had guy things to do.

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