The move to Parksway

I have been asked why I was moving from the Google site to this WordPress site. The truth is that I can do everything I did over there from here now and with better organization. The main thing that I liked to do at the Google site was to blog. This site is made for specifically that and allows you to reply with comments, etc. which was not possible at the other site. I am going to keep that going in case I want some other information to be there, but this will be my main page for communicating what is going on with me.

I did have a slide show on the other site, which I will get here eventually, but I have to tweak the site a bit first. Until then, there is a link to my YouTube channel for you to subscribe to so you can see the latest vids.

You should make this one of your favorites – need I explain why???

Peace Out – PK

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