Catch up

I have been a little lazy lately about blogging. That’s because I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter to see what all the buzz is about. If any of you are on those, hit me up at “CJ Kol”. That should work for either. I enjoy a little bit of anonymity at my dad’s expense. Anyway, to catch you up on some stuff…..
Mother’s Day – had brunch at Mattito’s with the fam. Pretty good food I must say and from what I could gather, everyone’s orange juice must have been good. I never see mommy drink that much orange juice. She must have needed her vitamin C. Same goes for Grannie and Nannie. I think the vitamin C worked because they all looked pretty happy after dirnking a few glasses. 
Dad’s birthday – My dad turned 35 which is really old, but not as old as mommy (that was for you pops – you owe me one). Anyway, he got a very cool gift from mommy – a new TATTOO!! At first I was frustrated with him for drawing on himself and I scolded him for it, but then he explained that it wasn’t coming off and I needed to get over it. Sometimes I need talks like that. He also said it was a form of art and that it showed he really loved me. So with that, it is pretty cool. It’s on his left wrist. Here is the pic……

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