In training

Okay, this past weekend my folks had me in potty training. I wore big boy underwear – the kind with Spiderman and everything. I had to make sure I told them when I was ready to go potty. I mean they were constantly asking – enough already, right. Anyway, I guess it was good they asked because sometimes I would forget and have an accident, but I got real good by the end of the weekend. Then, came school. I didn’t do so great there, but that is a strange potty because it isn’t mine so it may take me time to warm up to that one. I will try to get better there, but when I come home I am a king on his throne.


Okay, so I got my first progress report from my school yesterday. It gives you a rating between 1-5. So I am told that 1 is the best so I expect to open this thing up and see nothing but 1s or a real big 1, but instead I see some 2s and some 5s. The images below will let you see what I got. Here are some highlights…..
Category                        Rating       PRK Comments
Play well w/ others            2               If the “others” that they speak of would
                                                                     do what I say, then I would have a 1.
Particpate in activities     2               I will participate when I feel like it so
                                                                     this may be deserved.
Name colors                         2               Name colors? You want that in English
                                                                    or Spanish? I deserve a 1 on that one.
Identify body parts           5               Again, English or Spanish?! 
Go to bathroom                  4               Working on it, okay? Give me a break.
                                                                     I like my Elmo potty better.
I guess the lesson(s) I learned here is that I need to talk and participate to show I know all this stuff. Maybe I am just waiting on a challenge. Either way, I need to get over it and just do it so they recognize my skills.

Catch up

I have been a little lazy lately about blogging. That’s because I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter to see what all the buzz is about. If any of you are on those, hit me up at “CJ Kol”. That should work for either. I enjoy a little bit of anonymity at my dad’s expense. Anyway, to catch you up on some stuff…..
Mother’s Day – had brunch at Mattito’s with the fam. Pretty good food I must say and from what I could gather, everyone’s orange juice must have been good. I never see mommy drink that much orange juice. She must have needed her vitamin C. Same goes for Grannie and Nannie. I think the vitamin C worked because they all looked pretty happy after dirnking a few glasses. 
Dad’s birthday – My dad turned 35 which is really old, but not as old as mommy (that was for you pops – you owe me one). Anyway, he got a very cool gift from mommy – a new TATTOO!! At first I was frustrated with him for drawing on himself and I scolded him for it, but then he explained that it wasn’t coming off and I needed to get over it. Sometimes I need talks like that. He also said it was a form of art and that it showed he really loved me. So with that, it is pretty cool. It’s on his left wrist. Here is the pic……
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