I started off my day looking pretty cool with what I was wearing (pictures will be posted later). Grannie then picked me up and took me to my favorite donut shop. I like this particular donut place because it has a train that runs around the place high on the wall. We then went to the Dallas Arboretum. It was pretty cool. I tell you something, I am not sure if it gets any better than starting a day off with donuts and then a day dedicated to taking pictures of me.
I then got to see Pat and mamma Pat when I went to check out Pat’s aquarium. Grannie keeps trying to get my mommy and daddy to get me an aquarium, but not sure they are going for that one. They keep saying they have one for me at Pat’s so I guess that is pretty close to a no. I bet Grannie keeps at it though for me. I think it wold be cool, but I am not going to get stuck cleaning it.

Ear Infection

Well, I went to the doctor the other day and I found out I have an ear infection. This stinks, but it did get me out of school for two days. I am back at school today, but not many kids here since it is Spring Break. Jaxson is here though and I like him. Grace, or Gracie as Iike to call her, is also here so I got my main peeps here. They also moved me from my regular room to another room. Don’t they know they need to clear these things with me ahead of time so I can prepare. I do not like change.

Oh well, not much going on other than my Aunt Tami has a birthday today. So shout out to her on that one.
BTW does anyone else think this is a little Doogie Howser-ish?


For those who don’t know, I started daycare a few weeks ago. It was hard on me b/c I am use to being with my mommy or daddy and making my own schedule. At this place, I have to follow a schedule they make up. It’s not all bad….they let me paint and there are some pretty cool kids. This one girl named Grace is cute. I call her Gracie. There is also Alejandro and Jaxson who are my buds. Ms. Susan is my favorite teacher. I go every day.


I went to one of my friend’s birthday party. He had it at a bounce house place. It was pretty cool. You know me, I waited a little while before I really let go and had fun, but I did eventually. We ate pizza and cupcakes. We then played video games. I won enough tickets to get a pair of dice. It was fun…I would do it again.

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