Spring has sprung

So it’s been a little while since I posted last. Apologies, but I’ve been kind of busy with school, the fam, X-men training, etc.  – my bad.

So the first day of Spring is here and Spring Break is over so that means it’s time for me to plant my flowers – my spot is around the tree. Daddy’s not one for yard work and says that we are doing this by choice and to be zen, not because we are giving into the man – whatever that means. Anyway, Grannie picked me up on this beautiful day so we could get the right ones to complete my vision. Pickins (said in my best country twang a la mommy) were slim since everyone was thinking the same thing as I was, but I think I got the perfect ones. Now, I just have to remember to water them so they don’t die the first week….again.

This is my mean old flower pulling face

Diego yard gloves - can you dig it

Fruits of my labor

BTW here are a couple of other pics I took since I was out of communicado.

my silly face after picking a nice yellow flower for mommy (yes it's a weed)

Me @ the X-men Training Academy - this is Wolverine 101


Yard Work

Today, grannie, mommy, daddy and I planted flowers/plants in the front yard. I was told it was in my blood to do yard work and I must say that I did pretty good if I do say so myself.

It all started by grannie and me picking out the best flowers to go around the tree in the front yard. I think I picked the perfect bouquet to complement the tree. I also picked some big-leafed plants to go by the sidewalk. And the best, but certainly not least,  were the Coleus plants.

Overall, it was a great day to spend with the fam.

Below are some shots from the process. Tell me what you think.

Ladybug gloves - oh yeah!

Ladybug gloves - oh yeah!

Getting dirty...

Getting dirty...

Finished product

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