Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and we are having a party at school where everyone gives me cards wanting me to be theirs and giving me candy. Part of what we have to do to prepare for the party is bring a bag for our Valentine’s Day treats. Daddy, mommy, and I decided to pimp my bag. As you can see below, we added some super hero bling to mine to hero it up a bit. Whatcha think?

Be mine…

I didn’t get around to posting on Valentine’s Day because…..well….I had so many girlies I had to address. I mean, it ain’t easy being big Parker b/c I have all these girls wanting me to be their Valentine and all.

Anyway, in preparation for the big heart day at school, my mommy and daddy had to help me create a box that followed the theme of the day to store all my Valentine Day booty (meant in the same manner as a pirate would mean it – get your mind out of the gutter). I know it’s late, but here is the pic. My daddy and mommy were very proud of our effort and think it was the best in class.

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