The debate goes on…

You might think I’m talking about something of real substance that will impact the world like Romney vs. Santorum vs. Gingrich or one that is taboo like the rejuvenated debate to legalize drugs from Tony Bennet as a result of Whitney Houston’s early and tragic death. No, this is the age old (at least 3-1/2 year-old) debate – Team Edward vs Team Jacob. I thought mommy and daddy had agreed to disagree, but the release of the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 DVD has ignited the debate again.

Daddy claims he bought the movie for mommy, but he was like one of the first ones (adults anyway) to put a deposit down on the pre-order. He says it was just about convenience, but come on dude – I was there when you were putting the deposit down and asking how soon the movie was going to be available – your voice 2 octaves higher because of the excitement – smiling from the anticipation, etc. The one thing I can say is at least he didn’t go to the midnight release of the video Saturday night (Sunday morning) and he waited until Sunday morning to pick up his her copy.. That would have been a little creepy, right…..please tell me you didn’t do that daddy.

Oh well, I see plenty of vampires and werewolves in my future….


Sneak Peak from Breaking Dawn Part 2

At the movies

I couldn’t stand it – Happy Feet 2 had been out for a full day so I made my parents take me to the movies. I mean how long was I suppose to go without knowing how life turned out for Mumble. After all, Happy Feet 1 didn’t say they lived happily ever after or anything – talk about a cliffhanger. …

Anyway, we decided to go to the drive-in with Grannie. I love the drive-in, but one thing I can always count on is daddy singing Alone at the Drive-in from Grease in his best Travolta voice….stranded at the drive-in, branded a fool, what will they say Monday at school….

Another reason we went to the drive-in was so Grannie and I could see Happy Feet 2 and mommy and daddy could see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (this is one of daddy’s guilty pleasures so don’t make fun of it – and don’t make fun of 90210, past or present, because that is another one of his guilty pleasures).

I’m glad we did it this way because that allowed daddy and mommy to save some dignity. Going to the drive-in also helped daddy not look like a creepy old guy going to this movie in an actual theater with 200 little 16 year-old girls. It also kept me out of the middle of the whole Team Edward vs. Team Jacob battle that mommy and daddy have been in since the first Twilight movie – daddy is Team Edward and mommy is Team Jacob – talk about mixed marriages…..

Anyway, they say their movie rocked and are already counting down to part 2. So as a whole, movie night was awesome all around. Thank you mommy, daddy, and Grannie.

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