Year of the Snake

If you are up on your Chinese Zodiac calendar, then you already know that 2013 is the year of the Snake. So what does that mean to me – nothing – it was just my way of saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. We should all take time to reflect on the past year and discern between those things we want to carry over into the new year and those that are best left in 2012.

For me, I want to continue my development in school from and education and social perspective. To a lot of people, I’m the same little boy I’ve been for the past 6 years – extremely reserved. For those that really know me, they can tell I have developed by actually participating in PE, talking to the teacher (when she asks me to), and playing with my buddy Greyson, but I know there is still more I can work on – on the list. I still don’t have a lot of patience for anyone who doesn’t see things my way so I hope all of you resolve to be better at seeing things my way – trust me, we will all be happier.

I do resolve to learn how to ride my bike without training wheels this year. I probably would have gotten closer to doing that this past year if my parents ever would have let go of the bike instead of running behind me holding it up so that probably should be on their list too. Come to think of it – maybe my resolutions are actually having people get their act together and make my life better. Done. 2013 is a snap.

Below is a pic of something I didn’t want to bring over into the new year – my tooth. Lost it on New Year’s Eve when I was getting crazy on up in the hizzle – ain’t no party like a 6-year old party because a 6-year old party don’t stop….unless it’s time to go night-night.  That is 3 and counting. For those keeping track – that is $15 the Tooth Fairy has lost to me so far.

Excuse my appearance - daddy made me take the pic  right after I woke up

Excuse my appearance – daddy made me take the pic right after I woke up

1 for the money, 2 for the show – it’s showtime

They say when you get older that your body starts to fall apart. Well, I’m here to tell you that they are right – whoever they are. I’m only 5 years old and my teeth are falling out. I’ve had 2 loose teeth forever and on Friday, my first tooth ever fell out. I was nervous about it falling out because I thought it would hurt, but it turns out it only stung a little bit. I was so excited, I had mommy text daddy to tell him.

I was really excited to see what the Tooth Fairy was going to bring me since this was my first tooth and whatever the Tooth Fairy brings sets the tone for the rest of my teeth. Turns out she brought me some cash ($5), some small toys, and a thank you card. At this rate, I will make about $100 bucks off my pearly whites and plenty of toys.

It was funny because the Tooth Fairy left all kinds of fairy dust everywhere – the window, the nightstand, the pillow, and even outside on my slide.  It looks like she slid down my slide right into the window.

That could be where the story ends, but two days later (Sunday) I lost my second tooth. Mommy and daddy were a little concerned that the Tooth Fairy may have been caught off guard since it was short notice and all, but I told them that the Tooth Fairy was certainly prepared for an instance like this and that it would be complete disappointment on my part if she let me down. What do you know? She came through – another $5, small toys, and a thank you card. I got 18 more teeth so bring it Tooth Fairy. (BTW she left more dust and this time on my swings – she must love my place.)

Tooth #1 – we thought the other one was going to fall out first

Tooth #2 – a new one already coming in

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