Christmas light count update

I have confirmed that there are now 46 houses with Christmas lights on my way home from school. How do I know? I count them every day or as daddy and mommy would say EVERY DAY! I will continue counting to see if the number goes up or down. Keep you posted.


Christmas lights

There are 32 houses with Christmas lights from my school to my house. Ask me how I know. I know because I point them out every day on my way home and my mommy and daddy count them as we go. They always ask if we are going to do this again and I always say YES! So I point out every house with Christmas lights on them like it was my first time to see them. I guess in a way I am seeing them for the first time – from that perspective – think on that one for a while;)

Anyway, I’ll update you if there are any added b/c you know I will be pointing them out – EVERY DAY!

And I might throw up some pics of my house with lights.

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