Just wanted to give you guys a quick shot of what my school room looks like and my crew I roll with.We are at the bottom right – Adi, Jazmine, and me. Jandro was playing hooky that day. We like to hang out in our circle. Everyone knows that is our turf.

I should be moving rooms at the end of the month. I hear I am moving 2 or 3 classes up because I am potty trained, but not sure yet. I don’t want to really leave my homies, but I don’t think they are all 100% potty trained. I have been doing good with the training. I did have one accident yesterday, but that was because we were outside. I guess I could have done like daddy does in the backyard – don’t tell him I told you that.




For those who don’t know, I started daycare a few weeks ago. It was hard on me b/c I am use to being with my mommy or daddy and making my own schedule. At this place, I have to follow a schedule they make up. It’s not all bad….they let me paint and there are some pretty cool kids. This one girl named Grace is cute. I call her Gracie. There is also Alejandro and Jaxson who are my buds. Ms. Susan is my favorite teacher. I go every day.

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