Long hair don’t care, but I do

So it’s been a little over 2 months since my last haircut and I had a good shag going so I was due for a trim, but I kept putting it off every time my parents wanted to take me. They were fine with me growing it out if that’s what I wanted, but then one day….much to my grannie’s chagrin….I took a pair of scissors to my own hair. Not the whole “doo”, just an annoying 3 inch section right up front in the middle. Evidently, I did a good job because daddy and mommy spent so much time looking at it and even made a quick appointment for a professional stylist to see it as soon as possible. She asked if she could finish the rest – I let her because even Michelangelo had assistants help with the Sistine Chapel.

And yes, my parents tried to get a pic, but a pic just wouldn’t do my masterpiece justice so I didn’t let them.

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