@ the movies

So Saturday, mommy had a baby shower to go to for my cousin Chrissy who is having a baby girl named Reese. Mommy said Chrissy looks cute with a baby in her belly.  Funny though – mommy said she thinks of Reese Witherspoon when she hears the name and daddy thinks of the guy from The Terminator (Kyle Reese – John’s father) – either way, it is a cool name.

So while mommy was doing  that, daddy and I decided to go catch a movie. We thought about Paranormal Activity 2, but daddy would have been up all night with nightmares so we decided on Megamind 3D. I think I have decided that 3D is cool for a little while, but it gets kind of old wearing the glasses so I took mine off midway through the movie. It was blurry and all, but I was more comfortable.  So from now on, no more 3D – at least until I get a little older.

Anyway, the movie was good. I’m sure it had some deep meaning about how you can be whatever you want to be and can change if you choose to, but bottom line was Will Ferrell was funny as Megamind and daddy’s man crush was in the movie, too – Brad Pitt. I would definitely recommend the movie and will probably try to talk daddy and mommy into buying the movie for me when it comes out on DVD.

The best part of going to the movies was sneaking candy in. The picture below shows me being sly by putting the little Skittles bag into my pocket. I think I was pretty cool and calm the whole way. No one knew I was smuggling the Skittles in. I looked natural and acted like I had been there before. Now, daddy has a different opinion. He says I couldn’t have been more obvious and that I walked kind of hunched over with my hand on the outside of my pocket like I was hiding something. Either way, the popo didn’t get me so I must have done something right.

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