Where’s Sally Struthers?

Sally may be the only one capable of delivering the following impassioned plea like it should be delivered….for as little as $10 you could make a little boy smile on his birthday. For as little as $50, you could buy a days worth of hugs and loyalty from that same little boy. Why you may ask. Because without your generous gift, that sweet little boy will have to continue to make his own toys out of paper – long laborious hours of coloring and cutting Mario-themed characters, risking losing them when his parents clean the house. Yes, creating his own toys out of paper expands his creativity, but as you can see below, it may actually only lead to being really good at writing ransom notes.

Just click here to make that little boy’s day.

Note: That little boy is ME! I’m turning 7 soon!


30-Day Notice

So today is 7/11 which means two things: you can get a free Slurpee at any of your local 7-11 convenience stores and you have 30 days to find just the right gift for my birthday….although July has 31 days which means it may actually be 31 days, but if you’re in the eastern time zone then….oh you get the picture.

So when you’re done going on an all-day Slurpee bender complete with brain freezes, you can go online to see my birthday “wish list” from Toys-R-Us. Yep, I made it easy on you. Don’t worry about saying thank you – just show me your appreciation by getting a bigger present for me. 


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