May, I say

So yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted last. In fact, I haven’t posted the whole month of May. Why? Because ever since I turned 7 and started the first grade, my schedule has been booked. And now that May is over, that means the school year is almost over, too. Yep, about to be a 2nd grade up in here…holla-atcha boy!

So what have I been busy with? Well, here are some pics of some of the activities…


FIELD TRIP – As a class, we went to the Perot Museum for our annual field trip. It was awesome – lots of dinosaurs and science stuff – too much to get in on one field trip. I got to hang with my homie Andrew and both my folks went along so that made it even better.

FIELD DAY – As a reminder, we have Field Day every year, but it isn’t like the Field Days of old where there were competitions with winners and losers. These are fun activities for the kids. Now, everyone has their opinion on the Wussification of America, but the bottom line is that us kids had a great time so bite on that – was that anti-wuss enough for you? During our Field Day, we got to play and have fun at different activities for most of the morning so the teachers had no luck getting our attention for the rest of the day.

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